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[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”left” width=”100%”]“You are superman and we are fortunate to have you”
–Robin Leoffler
The Ormond Agency[/pullquote]


“You are doing an excellent job with the client. Greatly appreciated”
–Kevin Munley

“He is personable, dedicated and very dependable”
–Adam Klein
Klein Consulting Group LLC

“This is very good work. Thank you for your help… I will encourage them to adopt your recommendations”
–Mark V. Swift
3t Systems, Inc

“You have always been super in your response to our needs”
–Rick Stone
The Ormond Agency

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”right” width=”100%”]“WONDERFUL – mahalo much Erik etal…. You guys are great!”
–Chris Nakamatsu
Century Computers, Inc[/pullquote]


“Our project is done and ready to go to production next Sunday – thanks for all of your great tutoring and help along the way”
–Mary Burns
The Home Depot

“The status reports have been showing great progress, and Shirlet [Merrill Lynch Commodities] couldn’t be happier with your work. (I imagine that you’ve been hearing that from her as well.)”
–Clint Dunham

[pullquote align=”left” textalign=”left” width=”100%”]“Very thorough and detailed. Thank you for the invaluable help during the workfow database migration. There truly was no substitute for your experiences and insights”
–Ed Churney
The Home Depot[/pullquote]


“It looks as if the API called by the form is deleting the key instead of updating it. I don’t want to claim victory yet, but thanks to Erik for his deep understanding of how the product works”
–Michael Lee
Dimensional Fund Advisors

“Erik has been a tremendous help”
–Rick Klemm

“Thank you, Erik. We appreciate your efforts. You’re doing a great job for DFA!”
–Lynn Cahill-Buss
Dimensional Fund Advisors

“Kanagawa does not have any problems and we are delighted to see the cleaner system”
–Yuko Suzuki
BancTec Japan

“This document is great, thanks very much for the hard work”
–Kelley Jones
URS Corporation

“Thanks, Erik. We appreciate your dedication to the project”
–Lynn Cahill-Buss
Dimensional Fund Advisors

“Thank you very much, I really appreciate all your help, you did a great job”
–Lidia Alanis
URS Corporation

“You are awesome, thanks”
–Linda Hellow
Station Casinos

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”right” width=”100%”]“Just got off the phone to Bill : Karim says that this is the best project he has ever been on. Ben is exceptionally happy with the way the project has gone. Great job here Erik in helping make this a success for Scotiabank”
–Peter Sodhi


“I really appreciate you fixing our issues”
–James Hamrick
Gables Residential

“Everything is going very well. Stellent is working perfectly. Thanks for all your help”
–Patrick Duncan
American Residential Services

“Thank you so much for your help Erik! The changes you made last week have helped so much!”
–Carly Kauffman
Zimmer Inc

“COLD SQL… is like !! W-O-W !!! Amazing.. I love it.. It is fantastic !!! I have never seen it so fast in my entire Acorde Life existance….”
–Hazel Degazon

“Amazing job. This will make a HUGE difference for us moving forward. You have done a tremendous job with this and we are really excited to start using this…it will really help us be a lot more efficient, especially in our Marketing spend”
–Mariano Reis
The Ormond Agency

“Once again, thanks for all your help….. we got back on-line.. very important…. Yahoo!!!!!”
–Mario Rodriguez

“I think he is a very professional, hard-working individual”
–Keeley Shaidnagle
Mid-America Apartment Communities

“The sessions were really great. Erik walked me through all steps of service installations on core servers and explained each point well”
–Shashank S Mahamuni
IBM Global Services

“You are the best!”
–Sharon Hamp
The Ormond Agency

[pullquote align=”right” textalign=”right” width=”100%”]“I believe your skills are top notch”
–Monique Minner
KaVo Kerr Group
(Sybron Dental Specialties)[/pullquote]